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    an overview

    We will provide at this point a link to the complete, fully detailed and illustrated assembly instructions in due course.
    Bear with us, please.

    1. Assembly of Pouch boats is fast!
    2. All frame components fit together positively, all are accessible from all sides. Assemble the frame outside of the skin. Leave tools and brute force at home!
    3. Pouch has introduced new "quarter turn" ring fittings also for the RZ96 (they were first fitted to the E68 Long Touring Single): Turn the ring on the operating side one-quarter turn to lock frame components together by means of this fitting. The ring folds into the fitting when not in use.
    4. Assemble the frame halves outside of the skin.
    5. Insert under bow and stern deck.
    6. Join the two central keelson sections to their forward and aft counterparts.
    7. Join keelson sections amidships and push downward to tension the skin; lock in place.
    8. Interlock gunwale sections amidships, push outward and lock.
    9. Insert remaining U-frames.
    10. Inflate full-length sponsons.
    11. Connect rudder components.
    12. Adjust rudder pedals and seat.
    13. Go paddling!

    just in case this is new to you

    1. Float the boat adjacent to the shore, bow pointing into the current.
    2. Crouch beside the cockpit facing toward the bow.
    3. Place the paddle behind you and over the rear of the cockpit rim so that one end rests lightly on the shore. Proceed slowly, under full control and think ahead.
    4. Grasp both the paddle and rear of the cockpit coaming with your waterside hand. Start shifting weight to this hand. Try to let the boat hold your weight, not the paddle bridge: The paddle's contact with the shore should do no more than tell you whether you are tipping. Balance your weight.
    5. Distribute you weight between your shore side hand on the ground and your water side hand on the boat.
    6. Place your waterside foot onto the keelson on the centerline of the boat just ahead of your seat.
    7. Follow with the shore side foot, keeping your feet close to the center line and proceed to sit down in the boat.
    8. Go paddling.
    9. Actually, the RZ96 is very stable when afloat. You will therefore soon forget about the above instructions.

    sorry that's beyond my scope for this web site for the time being.


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