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Materials RZ96
... and what makes them ideal for this boat.

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    Pouch carefully crafts the frame for the Touring Double RZ96 of wood. The design balances

    • Strength
      This boat will be with you through thick and thin for many years.
    • Resilience
      The frame absorbs punishment with ease.
    • Flexibility
      Just the right degree of overall flexibility in an otherwise stiff hull contributes to the boats seaworthiness and your safety.
    • Light Weight
      You carry less, the boat carries more.
    • Ease of Maintenance
      The highly developed factory finish on all wooden components ensures that your time will be spent paddling - unless you like to varnish.

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    Pouch uses metal fittings to connect the frame members. They combine

    • Strength
      Solid, dependable connections result.
    • High Corrosion Resistance
      The fittings function reliably and retain their design strength indefinitely.
    • Functionality
      Good design and DEPLOYMENT of high quality fittings ensure ease of assembly and secure connections.

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    Pouch builds the skin for the Touring Double RZ96 of synthetic materials for the hull and traditional high quality canvas for the deck. Construction comprises

    • Strength
      Both hull and deck material have enourmous puncture resistance.
    • Durability
      The PVC and the Hypalon hulls are completely rot proof. The canvas deck is proofed and will serve for decades if dried out regularly.
    • Abrasion Resistance
      The boat absorbs punishment with ease.
    • Flexibility
      The skin "gives" under impact. This prevents damage and contributes to "seaworthiness".
    • Ease of Maintenance
      Deck and the hull materials are practically maintenance free. You are free to paddle.


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