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Touring Double RZ96 ...
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    Amateur Folding Boat Builders' Corner

    Meet Ralph Hoehn and the Associates!
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    report: the doubles RZ85 and RZ96

    The Feel:

    • It's sleek
      The RZ96 is an evolution of the traditional RZ85 and takes its lines below the waterline from that highly efficient of double folding touring hulls.
    • It's strong
      Strong, light, resilient, flexible wood frame -- tough PVC hull with traditional canvas deck (Hypalon hull upon request).
    • It's dry
      The steeply pitched deck and washboards keep the cockpit dry even in wind and waves. A canvas detail strip in the deck-hull-seam expands when wet and completely seals the seam.
    • It's fast
      In the Pouch tradition of very fast hull shapes, the RZ96 is the current pinnacle of ongoing development.
    • It flies
      Through assembly, on the water, packing up and then at car, train, jet speed!

    The facts:

    • Assembly Method
      Quickly assemble the frame halves outside of the skin, insert them into as yet slack skin, expand the keelson and gunwales, affix washboards, inflate the full length sponsons -- finished!
    • Flexibility
      The ability to flex with the water is a beneficial feature of all "skin-on-frame" boats.
    • Beam
      35 inch
    • Length
      18 foot 1inch
    • Weight
      84 US-lbs with PVC hull (95 US-lbs with Hypalon hull)
    • Dimensions of Packed Boat
      Bag for skin and longitudinal frame members (rucksack):
      60 x 18 x 8 inch
      Bag for transverse frame members and "sundries" (like seats, rudder etc.):
      31 x 24 x 8 inch
    • Hull Material
      Hypalon or PVC (please specify preference)
    • Deck Material
      Canvas (high quality cotton fabric)
    • Frame
      Wood: Stringers of Ash; Ribs of Birch
    • Price
      Please call (425) 962-2987 or email us at .

    What do these facts do for you? Dimensions RZ96


    The RZ96 is a wood frame boat. Many people have the experience and confidence necessary to work with wood. This opens an endless variety for customizing not just the cockpit, but the whole boat to suit your personal needs! (For some specific customizing ideas see "The Importance of Fit".)


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