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Long Touring Single E68
... a boat for voyaging.

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    Amateur Folding Boat Builders' Corner

    Meet Ralph Hoehn and the Associates!
    About Poucher Boote GmbH


    talk to Ralph Hoehn at:
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    The Feel:

    • It's sleek
      An elegant vessel. A subtly successful blend of traditional Arctic skin-on-frame influences and the very best in European touring hulls.
    • It's strong
      Strong, light, resilient, flexible wood frame -- choice of tough Hypalon or PVC hulls with new polyurethane coated synthetic deck.
    • It's dry
      Fully sealed, integrated type cockpit rim. Completely watertight aft deck seam.
    • It's fast
      In the Pouch tradition of very fast hull shapes, the E68 is the current pinnacle of ongoing development.
    • It flies
      Through assembly, on the water, packing up and then at car, train, jet speed!

    The facts:

    • New Assembly Method
      Quickly assemble frame outside of skin, easily insert frame into skin, rapidly seal skin -- finished!
    • Flexibility
      The ability to flex with the water is a beneficial feature of all "skin-on-frame" boats.
    • Beam
      27 inch
    • Length
      16 foot 6 inch
    • Weight
      42 US-lbs (PVC hull material) 53 US-lbs (Hypalon hull material)
    • Dimensions of Packed Boat
      51 x 14 x 10 inch
    • Hull Material
      Hypalon or PVC (please specify preference)
    • Deck Material
      Bretex (synthetic fabric with polyurethane coating)
    • Frame
      Wood: Stringers of Ash; Ribs of Birch
    • Price
      Please call (425) 962-2987 or email us at .

    What do these facts do for you? Dimensions E68



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