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    Beam 27 inch
    Length 16 foot 6 inch
    Weight 42 US-lbs (PVC hull material)
    53 US-lbs (Hypalon hull material)
    Dimensions of packed boat 51 x 14 x 10 inch

    27 inch
    A comfortable compromise between generous final stability and narrowness sufficient to promote a relaxed and efficient paddle stroke.

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    16 foot 6 inch

    1 - Its length gives the E68 the speed potential to keep up with any other single kayak out there. Also, the length of the E68 in relation to its displacement promotes efficient propulsion.

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    2 - The length, combined with very moderate rocker, gives the E68 excellent tracking while on an even keel.

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    3 - The E68 has a low enough initial stability to allow deliberate "edging" and thus provides great nimbleness in turns when required.

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    42 US-lbs (PVC hull material) -- 53 US-lbs (Hypalon hull material)

    One person alone can easily handle this low weight. The disassembled and packed E68 fits into a single bag. You can readily lift the assembled boat off or onto a car roof rack.

    max. Payload:
    440 US-lbs

    Even extended trips (and even if you are not in the habit of packing lightly!) are possible due to this generous payload.

    Dimensions of packed boat:
    51 x 14 x 10 inch

    It will fit into any car trunk, closet, ...


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