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by Paul Ernst

Ralph has asked me to post a few pictures and give a short project update. The pictures should give you an idea of how far along I am.

There is a lot more work to go as far as making brass connectors and other pieces and such, so there is a lot more work to go on the frame.
The boat is wider than I would have expected. I bought a Klepper Aerius 2 in the meantime, and the PBK 19 seems to have about 2 inches on it. I view this more as a narrow sailboat. I left the stringers and gunwales a little long, so I could begin varnishing and then do final fitting. Therefore, the boat looks a little wider than it should.

I can't wait to do a skinnier aluminum one someday.

The unfinished frame as shown weighs 41 pounds. This does not include the coaming, deck beams, diagonal braces, assorted hardware, and remaining varnish.


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